Unicorn Dash 5K

2021 Unicorn Dash Donation

RUN! WALK or GALLOP at our Unicorn Dash fun run later this fall!



“If you can be anything. Be a Unicorn.”

Unicorn Dash 5K | Donations Welcome

2021 is all about channeling your inner unicorn and moving forward! Keep tradition alive, and plan to dress up in our best unicorn gear, connect via social media, and RUN! WALK or GALLOP on the El Dorado Trail.

This event is hosted by Active 20-30 Club, Gold Rush #1034, a non-profit organization serving children in El Dorado County! We are run by volunteers and donations collected go towards children in need within EDC.


Use the hashtag #UnicornDash5K Please be mindful of people as well as other Unicorns who may be running the trail. Stay beautiful by following local safety signs and traffic lights, too!

Print your Unicorn Dash 5K Bib from Home!

Write your Unicorn Name in the pink area, and you’re ready to RUN! WALK!! GALLOP!!!


Virtual Unicorn Dash Donation

Yes, let’s RUN! WALK!! GALLOP!!! virtually on September 12th! Please accept my donation to help serve children in El Dorado County. Once the Unicorns see your donation come through they’ll tap their magical hooves on their glittery keyboards, and send you your 2020 Unicorn Dash name!


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