2019 Murder Mystery Dinner

2019 Murder Mystery Dinner

An Active 20-30, Gold Rush #1034 Fundraiser

This year is going to be a blast! Get ready to join our kooky cast of singing characters on the popular, yet deadly, reality TV show, I Buried An Idol at Studio 1034 – think Studio 54!

Contestants are vying for the honor of being Placerville’s Next Big Thing by winning a recording contract with RockStar Productions. Contestants crave fame, fortune, and the fabulous life of a reality TV. Of course, in order to win, they’ll have to sing their way into El Dorado County hearts…as well as the judges good graces. These kinds of competitions can get nasty – a perfect setting for a murder.

Buy your tickets now to this family friendly event that supports children in our county!

Location: Shakespeare Club 2940 Bedford Ave, Placerville, CA 95667

Murder Mystery Dinner Tickets

Dinner catered by Old Town Grill 🤤 includes grilled chicken with dates, cranberries, and fennel compote served with three-grain rice pilaf, roasted vegetables, and field greens with apples, pears, radish and feta. Yum!


I Buried an Idol updated 9.2019

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